World War II Memorial

Our Services

  • Architectural SpecificationsArchitectural Specifications

    Heller & Metzger has prepared over 1,100 Project Manuals for a wide range of institutional, commercial, educational, performing arts, historic renovation, interior, residential and transportation facilities representing a cumulative construction budget of well over six billion dollars.

    We believe specifications should meet the following objectives:

    • Clearly communicate designer’s intent
    • Be easy to understand and administer
    • Do not add cost to the Project with unnecessary requirements
    • Be sensitive to local or regional practices and codes
    • Be written by professionals with a close working relationship with the Architect
    • Be thorough and concise, not redundant or wordy
    • Reflect current standards and practices; be consistent with the normal standard of professional care

    Our specifications are written using our office masters or MASTERSPEC© Master Format 2016, depending on project requirements.

    In addition to writing technical specifications, Heller & Metzger is regarded as a leader in the preparation of procurement documents, Supplementary General Conditions and Division 01 specifications.  Our President, Barbara Heller served on the AIA Documents Committee from 1991-2005 and was the Chair from 2003-2005.   Heller & Metzger has participated in the preparation of Division 01 documents for very complex and prestigious projects including the Ronald Reagan Building (one of the earliest CMa projects) and the Renovation of the Pentagon (one of the earliest Design-Build projects).  Understanding how to effectively administer contracts requires more than an understanding of content.,100

  • Sustainable Design AdvisorsSustainable Design Advisors

    Heller & Metzger is dedicated to providing quality sustainable design services to our clients.  We have successfully navigated USGBC/GBCI On-Line systems for projects achieving various levels of Certifications for New Construction (NC), Core and Shell (CS), and Commercial Interiors (CI) projects.  We have successfully managed submissions involving Institutional and Commercial clients, including projects with long term phased construction periods.

    Working with the integrated sustainable design team, owner/client, architects, engineers, consultants and contractors, our in-house staff can provide the following Sustainable Design Consulting Services:

    • Sustainable Design Project Management: As the on-line Project Administrator, Heller & Metzger provides and manages information on LEED documentation requirements; addressing questions; and provides direction to facilitate the accrual of possible LEED points, leading to project certification.


    • LEED/Sustainable Design Workshops: Facilitating a charrette at the beginning of the planning process ensures that the team’s ideas are expressed and addressed, and that green building design strategies are met and responsibilities are assigned.


    • Preliminary Design Submittal:  H&M can assist in the preparation of and monitor the requirements for submission of design phase credits by the Owner, Design Team and Commissioning Agent including CIR submission, Design Submittal comment review and responses. 


    • Construction Phase Sustainable Design Services could include any of the following:
        • Contractor Sustainable Design Workshop
        • LEED Submittal Reviews
        • Contractors Construction Waste Management Plan Review
        • Contractors Indoor Air Quality Management Plan (during construction) Review